District data has never
worked so hard—so easily.

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The more you know,
the better you lead.

From identifying cost savings to analyzing outcomes, Eidex puts the right data within easy reach.



Whether comparing your school performance to your district peers, or providing clarity at a building level, Eidex helps you lead change.

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Business Managers

By putting your district’s numbers into proper context, Eidex helps you translate your data into sound financial strategies.

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Curriculum Directors

More than numbers, Eidex helps you form a solid foundation for your curriculum decisions.

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You don’t need more data. You need greater power over it. Eidex offers a clear picture of where you’ve been, and where you’re heading. Compare your schools to like-performing districts, or have our team create a custom report for your next presentation. Your district has a story. Eidex helps you shape it.

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Cutting through the clutter and seeing how we’re doing versus our peers has been a game-changer. We’re in awe of how quickly Eidex visualizes our performance, statewide, on every possible benchmark.

Data at-a-glance,
or in-depth.

Eidex offers the best visualization tools in the business, allowing you to easily track and share key performance indicators and trends. The answers you need have never been this easy to find.

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