Refined approach.

Access to actionable data is powerful. Having a way to filter it all is precious. Eidex refines data by geographic, academic, and demographic category, so you can take decisive action.

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Seeing is believing.

Are you getting the picture? There’s nothing quite like having intuitive, visually digestible reports to help you make decisions, or build consensus with your teams.

  1. Stacking up
    to your peers.

    Context is everything. Our custom peer comparison capabilities let you know precisely where you stand in your state, and across the country. It’s all the evidence you need to lead.

  2. District data—down
    to the classroom.

    Often, the details are as vital as the big picture. Discover building-level data that can impact your decisions around hiring, budgets, curriculum, and more.

  3. Plug
    and play.

    Because Eidex is cloud-based, there’s nothing to install. All of your data is pre-loaded, so you can get started anytime, anywhere.

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Support that never stops

Having worked in the education industry, our team of advisors understands the challenges you face. Which is why we're always ready to answer your questions, generate custom reports, and anticipate your needs.

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