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Writing Student Learning Objectives: Where to Start

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Student learning objectives might seem intimidating, but with the right approach and support from peers, any district can implement SLOs that will help students (and teachers) grow. This is why Eidex hosted a series of workshops dedicated to sharing tips and tricks that we’ve picked up from years of experience in education and knowledge-sharing with peers. Keep reading to review some of the guidelines we covered for starting and keeping up with student learning objectives.

SLOs go beyond evaluating the effectiveness of teachers. The end number isn’t all that matters, rather, where you started, ended, and what you learned along the way. Student learning objectives require teachers to acknowledge what is changing in their classroom. The trick to getting teachers on board to use SLOs is setting up the proper foundation to make the process as understandable as possible. The SLOs shouldn’t be forced on them but instead be an inclusive process.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what an SLO is and the components needed when planning one.

Student Learning Objectives Guide
Understand Student Learning Objectives and How To Build One With Eidex

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