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Request a demo

What to expect on demo day

Thank you for your interest in a demo. We can't wait to show you more of Eidex. Here's what to expect:

1. After you submit your request, a client representative from Eidex will be in touch shortly to confirm your scheduled meeting.

2. During the demo, we will focus on the areas of interest you indicated on the form. If time permits, we will go into further details about additional features. You are welcome to ask questions or change the focus if you would like to!

3. Some interesting questions you could ask to explore your data:

  • How did my students perform compared to students from districts similar to mine?

  • What are some of my cost-saving areas compared to districts my size?

  • What do the achievement gaps look like between my non-target and target groups?

4. After the demo, we are always available to answer questions you have about Eidex and our software. We would be delighted to continue helping you explore and take advantage of your data.

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