Resources on Additional and Relief Funding For K-12 Schools

When looking at funding, most school districts traditionally focus on money coming in from the state. There is untapped potential in utilizing federal Title funding to optimize resources for public schools. This Dropbox contains various documents with information on Title I, II, III, IV funds and guidance on how to successfully obtain approval for them. 

In this Dropbox: 

  • 2019-20 State & Fed Program Leaders Q & A 

  • Activity - Writing Approvable Budget Items 

  • List of Allowable Use of State & Federal Fund Sources 

  • April 2020 MDE Guidance Memo on Consolidated Application 

  • Answers to Commonly Asked Questions on Section 31a and Section 41 Funds During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

  • Preliminary Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund Guidance and Allocations Memo 

  • MDE Learning at A Distance Guidance 

  • Flexibility in Title Funds for Technology Memo 

  • Use of Federal Title Funds During Mandated COVID-19 Closure Memo

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Resources on Additional and Relief Funding For K-12 Schools

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