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Eidex allows us to put context around our assessment test results.

Eileen Grant-Ball Curriculum Director, Charlotte Public Schools
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We are always looking for tools to help increase ROI for our district. Eidex helps us get the most bang for our buck as measured by increased student achievement and dollars spent.

Ted Moore Superintendent, Lovejoy ISD
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Comparing student performance with a peer group identifies strengths and weaknesses that focus effort and support budget priorities. An essential tool.

Richard Kerr Business Officer, Big Spring School District

Decision-making made easier.

The Eidex customer support is outstanding! If your decision-making is data driven, you need Eidex’s services!
Dr. Chester Mummau Superintendent, Shippensburg Area School District
Fact Finding in Contract Negotiations
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Eidex played a critical role in the success that we have experienced in reallocating valuable resources.
George Heitsch Superintendent, Farmington Public Schools
With Eidex, [we are] now able to quickly examine and reflect upon our data in ways that that we have never been able to in the past… It has opened more opportunities for us to make data-informed decisions as we move forward.
Kim Prevost Director of Data and Analysis, Moon Area School District
How data analytics tools empower districts to focus on areas of need, improve decision-making, and save time.
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I use charts and graphs from Eidex several times a week — district school improvement meetings, building improvement meetings, negotiations, requested information from the school board, administrative meetings, conversations with the community. The list goes on.
Cherie Vanatter Superintendent, Manchester Community Schools
The Eidex staff is very helpful, and we are excited to have a new partner to help do the most for our kids.
Judd Marshall Superintendent, Mt. Pleasant ISD
Improving Curriculum with Peer Benchmarking
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