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Assessment Data

Eidex FOCUS and PRISM provide a robust analysis of state and local assessment data, while allowing Superintendents, Curriculum Directors, Principals, and other instructional staff to flexibly review data at different granularity levels.

Academic Data Details
compare assessment data with peers

Comparative assessment data

Analyze data from various state and local assessments down to the student-level. Compare assessment and achievement data to any group of districts in the state to arrive at valuable insights.

automate student growth calculation

Student growth calculators

Automate growth score calculation based on data from state and local assessments. Assign effectiveness ratings to buildings and instructors to support annual evaluations and teacher development.

comprehensive needs assessment to find achievement gaps

Comprehensive needs assessment

Identify academic gaps between target groups such as ethnicity, economically disadvantaged status, chronic absenteeism, and more. Support School Improvement and Strategic Planning to ensure all student needs are addressed.

Granularity with flexibility

Eidex offers you the flexibility to focus on granular student data or aggregated numbers at a higher level.

Better yet, we have built an infrastructure for secure and efficient data transfer from your SIS to our database, allowing you the flexibility to work with systems you are already familiar with.

data center and infrastructure
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