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Why Eidex

At the heart of Eidex are experienced educators who share the same passion as you: to improve teaching and learning.

See why we stand out.

Built by educators, for educators

Having lived your challenges of increasing accountability, difficult financial decisions, and various reporting requirements, we built Eidex with a sole focus on helping K-12 administrators and educators.

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What sets Eidex apart

Decisions are hard; we understand. So, to make it easier for you, here's why school districts and charters confidently chose Eidex as their data partner.

Accessible and Easy to Use Software

As easy to use as it is useful.

You don't have to be a data specialist to navigate and use Eidex's software. With all of your data easily accessible through one Eidex platform, typically, in just 3 intuitive clicks, you can find what you need, drill down to a meaningful insight, and uncover relevant data.To make data analysis easy for you, and as impactful as possible, the logic of our platform and approach reflects how school administrators think and work. Our tool is report-driven, not query driven.

Complete and Collaborative Service

We are more than just a vendor.

We don’t just deliver login credentials and send you on your way. We work closely with you and your staff and regularly reach out to make sure you’re using Eidex to your best advantage. Our team will help you fully understand your data, make the right comparisons, and ask the right questions. You can also have a large impact in what we build. Our clients often brainstorm with us to generate actionable ideas and solutions that drive our future developments.

Skillful and Engaging Visualization

Charts that inspire more "aha!" moments.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Charts and graphs in Eidex are intuitive, engaging, and impactful sidekicks in your communication to constituents. You won't need to spend any time building charts from scratch, as ours are made ready for use.  Skillful visualizations make it easy to analyze your mountains of data for critical patterns and insights that drive you and your team to reach fact-based conclusions together.

Flexible Perspectives and Systems

We make it easy to deliver the right data to the right people.

Often, school administrators in different roles have unique objectives and challenges. Understanding this, we designed our software to allow users the flexibility to analyze data at different levels of granularity and uncover unique insights applicable to their roles. Additionally, we make the set-up process effortless by adapting with the systems already in place at your school district.

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Eidex has given Greenville Public Schools clear and meaningful data.  It is visually represented in ways that are easily understood by multiple stakeholders.  The customer service is top-notch!  The innovative tools, such as SGP matrix, are incredibly valuable.  We are very satisfied customers.

Michelle Blaszczynski, Chief Academic Officer, Greenville Public Schools

As a school district always looking to improve, Eidex has provided real-time data for us to develop meaningful comparisons, projections, and the ability to analyze academic and school operations performance. Our school board has welcomed the use of Eidex for truly comparative information to guide District decisions."


Dr. Brian Toth, Superintendent, St. Mary's Area School District

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See Eidex in action

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