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Student Behavior Data

Eidex PRISM helps educators analyze data on attendance, behavioral incidents, and disciplinary actions to achieve a better understanding of their students and design effective intervention strategies.


Student attendance

Analyze attendance data at the district, building, section, or student level. 

Identify and monitor chronically absent students for early interventions.


Behavioral incidents

Track incident data for various student groups with the ability to filter by incident types, locations, and resulting disciplinary actions.

Create useful reports to support Child Study Team in designing effective intervention strategies.


Disciplinary actions

Examine data on disciplinary actions taken to evaluate their effectiveness among individual students, sections, buildings, and the whole district.


Ensuring the whole child approach with better data

All good plans start with good data. Eidex PRISM provides you the data and computing power needed to successfully identify and meet the educational needs of each individual student. 

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