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Bring context to comparative data for productive conversations and result-oriented decisions at your school district.

Eidex FOCUS brings your data into context by enabling meaningful comparisons

Powerful peer-matching algorithm

Good comparisons start with well-chosen peers.

Eidex FOCUS employs robust algorithms to search across the state and match your school district with the most similar districts based on relevant criteria. We also developed a custom peer-matching engine, where you can set parameters and build your peer group just how you want it.

Search state-wide

Search individual school districts across the state and add them to your custom peer group to create a targeted comparative analysis.

Custom Peers

Build your peer group using various  parameters such as size, socioeconomic status, achievement, and more.

Predefined Peers

Choose from prebuilt peer groups based on Eidex algorithms that match you with the most suitable districts based on relevant criteria.

With the right comparisons, you can make better decisions

Financial comparisons

Allocate important resources with data-driven decisions.

By comparing your expenditures to similar school districts, you can quickly see areas where your district is overspending and underspending. This will help you identify cost-saving opportunities and maximize the value your resources can deliver.

Revenues and Expenditures

Budget and Planning

Fiscal Health

Fund Balance Analysis

Staffing Analysis

Through the use of Eidex’s fact finding tool during contract negotiations, I was able to show the impact of wage increases as they related to our peers within the county. This information enabled the district to limit annual increases and save nearly $200,000 in wages per year over a three year contract term.

Craig McCarthy, Former Business and Operations Director, Cadillac Area PS

With Eidex Focus, the Moon Area School District is now able to quickly examine and reflect upon our data in ways that that we have never been able to in the past. We’ve historically compiled data charts to describe our academic performance, but we were limited in the ways to describe the data because of the complexity and amount of time it would take to prepare a comprehensive presentation. Eidex Focus not only makes the process of presenting student performance data easier, but it also empowers us to describe our academic data within the contexts of financial data and customized peer group comparisons.  It has opened more opportunities for us to make data informed decisions as we move forward.

Kim Prevost, Director of Data and Analysis, Moon Area SD

The Eidex product has been extremely valuable in helping our board and community understand the true picture of our current financial situation. Trend line data regarding finance and enrollment is much clearer now than in the past based on the comparable and graphs. I was recently a guest presenter at a graduate level course at Central Michigan University. Introducing future superintendents to this product and how Eidex clarifies the true financial picture was well received. I plan to use the Eidex tools to help clarify the true financial picture of our district in negotiation. I appreciate the support from the Eidex Team.

Ron Kraft, Superintendent, Stephenson Area PS

Your data is more powerful with the right context

Find your best peer group

Build the most relevant peer group for your analysis in just a few simple clicks with Eidex's powerful peer-matching engine.

Give your data context

Turn your financial, academic, and demographic data into valuable insights by giving it the pertinent context.

Identify important correlations

Easily spot patterns and relationships between data variables to see the impact your spending has on improving achievement.

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