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Tell the full story from every angle with our dynamic 360-view analytics platform.

PRISM turns your data into actionable insights at all levels

Analyze student-level performance on various assessments

Analyze student-level performance on various assessments

Transform your data into achievement-oriented insights

Transform your data into achievement-oriented insights

Improve attendance and behavior with data-driven initiatives

Improve attendance and behavior with data-driven initiatives


Analyze student-level performance on various assessments

Multi-level assessment data

Access and analyze data from state and local assessments at different granularity levels— all in one place.

Compelling visualizations

Create and share beautiful charts and graphs that are easy-to-understand and impactful.

Dynamic filter design

Toggle data more easily with interactive filters applied across the module.

It is really incredible what you all have put together, kudos.  I dabble in Tableau and data visualization but to see the system for creating comparison groups and the visualization options is really impressive. I'm happy to have responsive support on a great tool.

Anthony Claypool, Administrator, Distinctive College Prep

Transform your data into achievement-oriented insights

Comprehensive needs assessment

Identify and address achievement gaps between student groups for building and district improvement plans.

Teacher effectiveness rating

Automate growth score calculations and teacher effectiveness ratings for hassle-free annual evaluations.

31a reporting and interventions

Identify at-risk students and their profiles. Monitor interventions assigned and their effectiveness.

I am impressed with the data tools available through the service. We are able to drill down to the teacher level with both our state accountability measures and NWEA MAP Growth data. As curriculum director of our district, these data visualization tools are extremely helpful to communicate to our staff just where our students need academic interventions. 

The more I use the tools in Eidex, the more I love it!

Belinda Brand, Curriculum Director, Moody ISD

Improve attendance and behavior with data-driven initiatives

Attendance data visualized

Examine student attendance data from multiple perspectives with telling and beautiful visualizations.

Chronic absenteeism

Identify and monitor chronically absent students to address their attendance rate and improve performance.

Complete behavioral data

Access and analyze data on behavior incidents and corresponding disciplinary actions for all students.

Eidex has been an instrumental tool for us to strategically plan, monitor and ensure that we are making positive progress towards our goals. We have used it to simply make us better and ultimately our students experience richer.

Dr. Mike Goddard, Superintendent, Red Oak ISD

Data analytics is easier than ever with us

Nimble drag-drop dashboard

Create and customize your own dashboard in seconds with the easiest drag-and-drop builder. You can also export and share your charts with your team and stakeholders.

Dynamic target setting

Set and visualize targets on student achievement, attendance, and behavior. Easily track progress towards your goals and celebrate

your successes.

Powerful and connected filters

Analyze your data from multiple perspectives by applying dynamic, interactive filters. You can save your preferred filters and share them with your team.

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